Pitt Lake

On the southern shores of Pitt Lake, many areas are set aside for the enjoyment of nature.

Grant Narrows Regional Park offers a boat ramp and canoe rental facility, as well as a scenic view of the lake.

Canoeing, hiking, camping, animal watching and (of course) power boating & fishing on the lake, all await you... Enjoy!

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Grant Narrows Regional Park

Widgeon Creek Canoe Rental Facility at Grant Narrows Park

Pitt Lake Canoe Rentals 2017

Accross the narrows is Coquitlam's Widgeon Marsh.

Access to Widgeon Marsh is by boat and canoe from Grant Narrows Regional Park.

PittLake - a Rest Stop

PittLake - a Pleasant Summer's Day

Pitt Lake - Osprey Nest

...with Osprey

Pitt Polder Ecological Reserve is part of the Pitt-Addington Marsh Wildlife Management Area (PAMWMA). Here you will sea Osprey nests on posts along the lake, as well as a varity of wildfowl in the reserve's marsh.

Info & Location Map

From the Lookout

Osprey Nesting on Lake Post

... At a Safe Distance

Pitt Lake Heron - at Work

Pitt Polder Ecological Reserve

Pitt Polder Ecological Reserve

Pitt Polder Flora

Pitt Polder Viewing Tower

Pitt Polder Ecological Reserve

Pitt Polder Insects

Twelve Spotted Skimmer

Pitt Polder Ecological Reserve

Pitt Polder Ecological Reserve

Beaver Lodge... one of at least three in the Ecological Reserve.

The PAMWMA areas are bordered and intersected with many dykes for one's walking and cycling outings.