Reifel Bird Sanctuary

... is the winter home of the Lesser Snow Goose and one of Canada's top bird-watching sites in the heart of the Fraser River estuary, a short drive south of the City of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Visitor Info & Map

Swallow, Nest and Baby

Duck Family

Juvenile Eagle in Flight

Juvenile Eagle Perched

Reifel PerchTree 2

Reifel PerchTree 1

Reifel Great Blue Heron in Flight

Reifel Great Blue Heron at Work

Reifel Eagle

Reifel Eagle Nest Close-up

Reifel Eagle Nest from Afar

Northern Saw-Whet Owl

Black-Crowned Night Heron & Red-Tailed Hawk?

Reifel Bird Sanctuary Sun Setting 01

Reifel Bird Sanctuary Sun Setting 02

Reifel Bird Sanctuary Sun Setting 03

Blue Heron... Watch Out Below!